Contemplating on the Power of Unconditional Love

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As we move on in our journey this first month of the New Year let us contemplate on the power of unconditional love. We are reminded in the Four Noble Truths by Sean McGovern that the real point is one takes refuge in the inner, radiant awareness that is one's birthright. Carolyn Winters shares her insight about love “I think about the power of love! I think about the power of Spirit present everywhere….” And finally Ken Page writes about helping another to see their choice with out making demands on them is loving. All are thoughtful and inspiring sharing for you to enjoy.

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The Four Noble Truths

“The first noble truth is the truth of suffering. In Sanskrit the work “Dukkha” is used and it means unsatisfactoriness. The things we look to for security and happiness do not give us what we yearn for. The things of this world, whether they be relationships, jobs, houses and cars do not in themselves provide happiness – or the happiness is short lived. The underlying truth behind “Dukkha” is impermanence: nothing in this world lasts, everything is in a state of flux and continual change – therefore nothing can be relied on for true happiness and security. Everything is interconnected web made up of changing causes and conditions. This includes oneself – one cannot even rely on oneself for lasting security and happiness. This “me” that one takes to be solid and real, is not fixed – it too is changing all the time. It would be reassuring to think that there is a constant “me” behind one’s changing thoughts and feelings, but this is not the case.

The second noble truth is the cause of suffering and this cause is belief in a fixed and permanent self where one does not exist. We do all kinds of things to satisfy and protect this “me”, which results in deepening one’s confusion and suffering.

But there is a true source of security – this is the third noble truth, that of cessation of suffering. It is the fact that there is something truly reliable in one’s experience and that is the Buddha Nature within. This is generally expressed in terms of taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma (Buddhist Teachings) and Sangha (Buddhist monastic and lay community)- but the real point is that one takes refuge in the inner, radiant awareness that is one’s birthright.

The way that one does this is through the fourth noble truth, which is the truth of the Path. Through following the Buddhist path, one comes to discover the jewel of awareness and love that lie within. One realizes this to be one’s real self, not the manufactured me with its peculiar fears and needs. Once this happens, one can participate in the world in a joyful and fearless way and the ever-changing nature of things is something to be enjoyed not feared”.

Sean McGovern (ex Kagyu-lineage Tibetan Buddhist monk)

Overcoming Anger, Fear and Hatred with Love
Carolyn Winters, Reiki Master

As Reiki Masters, teachers and practitioners we often talk and write about the importance of love and forgiveness in healing ourselves and all humanity. I’d like to tell a story of two occasions I witnessed and was part of that illustrate the miracles which can happen when we overcome anger, fear and hatred with Love.

For close to twenty five years I was privileged to work with and for the First Nations people of Alaska. It was there, several years before I’d even heard the word “Reiki” that I witnessed the enormous power of love to heal. Becoming a Reiki Master seems to have been a natural outgrowth from those experiences. They live in me, an inspiration to always seek to come from a place of love and forgiveness ~ for my own health ~ that of my family, my community and our world.

In a village about 150 miles north and west of Fairbanks in early 1985 a young man had been stabbed to death by his girlfriend, the first of three young men, out of a community of less then 200 people, to die needlessly that year.

Three years later, in another community with dazzling summer weather lighting the beauty and majesty of the snow capped Wrangell Mountains around us, a healing conference took place. A group of women from the village, including the young man’s mother, were there. So was the young woman, recently released from jail and with a new boyfriend. Seeing the women from the village she was terrified and did everything possible to avoid them. On the second morning, after opening circle, under a bright blue sky, the women from the village sought out the young woman and her companion. He quietly steadied and encouraged her, kept her from fleeing, as the women approached. When they came to her, instead of anger or recrimination, they reached out with love as they hugged her, crooned over her, speaking words of encouragement and endearment. The mother, whose son she’d stabbed to death, gathered her in her arms and held her as they cried together. A miracle of love and healing took place on the grass. And in my tears I was certain I heard sky and trees sing with joy.

Another year at still another statewide “gathering”, a young man was present who had been contemplating suicide and though he had made the decision not to, was still struggling with despair. Because of the loving, accepting spirit he felt in the group he finally gained courage and spoke of his struggle. The agenda stopped! People came, to touch him, to hug him, to whisper words of support and encouragement. There were several hundred people so many had to wait a long time but everyone was patient. Those who had hugged him began a circle dance around him, drum’s resonance and voices filling the air. When, at last, everyone who wished had touched him, he was drawn into the circle to dance, becoming a part of the whole, becoming part of the community again. His face shone with joy!

Such power in love! Such healing power in ceremonies of love! In my dialogue with a friend I wonder why as a society we’re so focused on punishment instead of redemption. I cling to the memory of the miraculous power of those moments of love, praying that as I share that vision, it will help bring about those changes that heal.

I think about the power of love! I think about the power of Spirit present everywhere, but felt most strongly in those moments when sacred space has been opened in ceremonies of love. I put my hands on myself and others with the loving touch of Reiki. I teach others how to do the same. I’m blessed to be so privileged!

You may contact Carolyn at arcticwinters@yahoo.com

The Most Challenging Loving and Compassionate Space We Can Share
Ken Page

To be fully empowered does not mean we will use our power to control or change others. When we have this level of self-realization, it is never about using theirs. Power is allowing our creative self to fully open to our potential to be creators and to look for others to co-create with. This is what we want most in a relationship, both personally and with Source. Fortunately, there are no conditions with this kind of relationship. Unconditional love is the most difficult challenge for each of us who work and live a daily life. When I fully claim all my power, human and universal, and become that reflection of Source, I could not use this power against another; it would be like me saying I am a better creator than you are. Taking my own power means allowing for the unspoken power of this energy to be felt and awakened in each individual so they can recognize a choice or a hope they may have forgotten long ago. A choice is the only thing one creator can give another creator. Making choices for another is a misuse of our power, for true personal power lives in choice. Hope and choice can open a new world to one that has been trapped in their own past creations. Helping another see their choices without demanding an outcome for them is the most challenging, loving and compassionate space that we as creators can share.

KEN PAGE web site: http://kenpage.com


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