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Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to study with Arjava
in Norwalk CT and Houston, TX in April and May 2012

Jikiden Reiki means directly taught in Japanese. It is entirely free of Western influence. It's roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself. It differs to "Western" style Reiki in approach, attitude and ideas. Some people notice a real difference in the feel of Jikiden Reiki. This lineage goes from Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who learned Reiki in 1938. You will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity.

All Jikiden courses organized by Mari and Wisechoices are accredited by the Japanese Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto Japan. You will receive your certificates directly from Japan

Frank Arjava Petter will be teaching the three courses offered.

Jikiden Course information

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Holiday Newsletter

Hello there. I just posted my Holiday Newsletter. Here is the link

One story I think you will enjoy is An angel lives in Rugby

An Angel lives in Rugby

I am a mother and grandmother who had based in the Czech Republic for over 13 years. I travelled all over the world to earn my living as a facilitator of personal development and healing.

I am considered independent and have really never thought of asking for help; my work after all is helping others. However life gave me an opportunity to experience how I had stopped the natural balance of giving and receiving in my life. This was supported with the help of many people and especially an angel who lives in Rugby, England before Christmas in 2003.

In October 2003 I came to the UK for a short visit to help friends get organized in order to put their house on the market. I rolled up my sleeves and began to help them sort through years of collected papers and stuff. It was fun yet hard work and I felt I was making a difference in getting their home in order before the sale. The mountain of tasks to complete finally had become a molehill.

However on the morning of the third day of my visit I suffered a heart attack and was rushed in to A&E in Milton Keynes. I spent a month in hospital after finally been transferred to The John Radcliff Hospital for more tests.

Each and every person I came in contact during my stay in hospital was loving, compassionate and supported me in every way imaginable. My laundry was done, other people’s visitors came to see me as well, and magazines were left for me to read.

There were so many small and yet very meaningful things happened to make me feel at home and not on my own. A hospital can be the loneliest place in the world with no friends and family close by.

When I was dismissed at the end of November from the hospital more friends from Warwickshire asked me to stay with them for two months in order to stay to take the after care classes at a near by Hospital. This meant I would spend the holiday with them as well. My daughter in the USA took over the running of my business. My father helped me financially. I was overwhelmed with kindness. I was not working and all I needed to do was concentrate on getting well.

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Have a Blessed Holiday Season,

Love, Mari


The Usui Retreat Starts August 15, 2011

In just less than a month the Usui 21day Virtual Retreat will start.

How the Retreat Works

The Usui 21-Day Retreat is simple and flexible. Reiki practitioners can participate in this Retreat fully or partially, as they are comfortable. It is not necessary to spend the entire 21-days in fast and meditation, nor is it necessary to do this for a full day. Some people find that 10 minutes a day is a way to connect with inner guidance and wisdom that works well for them.

Practitioners can join in the Retreat from their homes, offices, centers and can meet with their Reiki Circles to enjoy the Retreat. During the Retreat, generally we meet up to share on the Wisechoices Facebook page. The intent is to be able to be in quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer. Reiki is the focusing tool for this experience in which a way is cleared for balance and healing in our lives and in the lives of others. There is a special interest in distancing Reiki at this time. Some Retreat practitioners, who work for wellness of the planet, find this an excellent time for Reiki sessions for the highest good of all concerned.

Please tell eveyone you think would like to join us.

How you decide to join with the Retreat, whether in solitude or not, I welcome you!

This Retreat is not limited to one location, but takes place wherever you may be. It lasts for 21 days during which time we (mutually) intend that the highest good of all concerned will be served, and that our community experience will generate a deep, very nurturing ocean of shared Reiki.

For more information about the Retreat, follow these links

Usui Retreat Invitation

How did the Usui Retreat start?

Usui Retreat Options

Frank Arjava Petter, Reiki Master and author of author of Reiki Fire, Reiki, the Legacy of Dr. Usui, The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui, The Original Reiki Handbook, co-author of The Spirit of Reiki, Reiki Best Practices and The Hayashi Reiki- Manual will be writing the focus meditations on innocence for the Retreat.


Reiki Helps a Couple's Dreams Come True

My office was in the regional hospital in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. It was a supportive place to work because I could consult the doctors, and quite often we worked together in regards to clients of mine and patients of theirs. The head of Gynecology sent a young woman to me for a consultation to see if Reiki could assist her in conceiving a child. Both she and her husband had been checked in the hospital's fertility clinic, which found some problems with conception. I asked both the woman and her husband to come for an evaluation and initial treatment.

The couple, Jana and Honza, had been married for eleven years. Unsuccessful in conceiving, they asked me to use Reiki with them. I had been sent the clinic's records and also took a standard case history from both of them. I asked about eating habits and stress factors and how they were emotionally regarding this problem.

Jana was 33 years old, a technician in a refrigeration company. She worked from 7am to 4pm, then cared for her grandmother until her mother got home from her job. She was often upset and believed she was a failure because she couldn't conceive a child. She had depression and lost weight. She found it hard to sleep at night. The doctors told her only one ovary was functioning. She was quite stressed, both in her personal life and at work. Her eating habits indicated a strong desire for sweets. She craved chocolate and also drank coffee with three spoons of sugar.

Honza was 37 years old, a translator for a petrochemical company. He worked from 7:30am to 5pm. He was quite busy and did not feel stressed at work but did at home. Because Jana was depressed and there was so much tension in the home, he often worked into the night, doing additional work at his computer. He was very fond of salty foods. The doctors said he had a low sperm count.

I decided to treat the couple individually with Reiki so that each had their own time and also said I would adjust their food a bit as we progressed with the treatments. We had noticed in treating fertility problems that many of the couples had a pH difference which seemed to make conception harder. I gave Jana some meditations to help her relax. I set up an appointment with the head of the fertility clinic to speak with Jana about their diagnosis, especially emphasizing that the problem concerns them both. She had taken it as her problem only. It was important for her to realize it was not just her problem. The talk did help her to relax more.

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Seeds of Wisdom Blossom in Spring

Jikiden Reiki Joined us Together

I just returned from the Jikiden Shoden and Okuden class at Silver Bay, in upstate New York. Having organized the class for Arjava I looked forward to being "In Reiki " for 5 glorious days in such an ideal setting at Lake George. There were Reiki people I knew and those I didn't know taking the course and in that space of five days we became a loving creative family. Yes, we all had Reiki as a basis when we arrived there however Jikiden Reiki united us in a profound way that went deep into our whole being.

I took the course in Bogata, Columbia last April 2010 and came away with a deep sense of gratitude experiencing Reiki as it had taught by Usui and Hayashi with no Westernization in the teaching. I was literally "blown away" by my time in the class and with the people in Bogata. This time was no different, except that I was hearing English spoken in New York. In Bogata, Tadao Yamaguchi's Japanese language was translated into Spanish and then into English and Arjava was speaking English and Japanese.

I liken both Jikiden course experiences to a Christmas morning with all eyes all lit up at the wonder of it all. I loved seeing how each participant would light up from the inside, their radiance softening edges, melting separation as hearts and mind opened to new and exciting possibilities.

I taught Reiki and traveled for years being translated in several languages and have such an understanding of the need to have people speaking for/with you that are also deep in their own Reiki Journey. I appreciated every effort for us to understand what was being said. Yet I sat in this New York class I had times when I thought I had not learned that bit before, that I was getting "more" this time. But what I know is that every time you retake the class new things are revealed to you and on different levels. I am now looking forward to Houston in two weeks time to retake the course again.

When I left Houston on April 27th it was 90 degrees. Our flowers and trees in full bloom, my favorite time of the year because it is not 'Hot" yet and evenings afford us the possibility to sit outside where we can take in all the sounds of nature. Arriving first in Albany with the temperature of 67 and driving up Highway 87 we saw snow still on the ski runs on the mountains, very little had bloomed, it was the tail end of winter.

Over the next five days we were a witness to the flowers just starting to bloom and trees that had buds and promise of leaves. As Spring blossomed so did we.

Love, Mari


Do Not Miss this Unique Experience

Mari is organizing two Jikiden Reiki Courses and one Japaneese Reiki techniques course that will be taught by Arjava Frank Petter.

Jikiden Reiki stands for Reiki Teaching from the original authentic Japanese lineage. This lineage goes from Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who learned Reiki in 1938. Because has not gone through Mrs. Takata it lacks the Westernization of Reiki as it is taught in the Western World. You will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity.

The hours are 10 am to 5 pm. The workshop language is English. Handouts in English will be provided. Every participant will receive 5 attunements from Arjava every day. You will learn the Reiki- Symbols in their original form. Upon completion of the workshop you will be sent a certificate from Japan.

The workshop is divided into two parts: Shoden (beginner degree- Reiki One) and Okuden (the middle degree- Reiki Two). Classes are limited to 20 people.

The Jikiden course investment is 850.00 with a early payment discount of 100.00 if paid in full by March 15, 2011. There is a non refundable registration of 250.00 that is included in the price. Your place can be held with the 250.00 non refundable registration fee, but the balance must be paid by March 15th for the early discount price or paid in full by April 15 th for the full price.

In Lake George, New York

The Course is April 28 - May 2, 2011

The daily cost for your accommodation is 160.00 per day single and 109.00 double occupancy which includes all 3 meals and taxes. Venue booking will be done by email at: reservations@silverbay.org The Retreat Center states that they will do all they can to accommodate requests to share a room, however this cannot be guaranteed and that you may have to pay a single room price in that case.

The Link to Silverbay is:
Check in time is between 3:00 and 5:00 Thursday, April 28 and Check out time is after breakfast on Tuesday the 2nd of May. You can arainge to check in a day earlier and leave a day later.

If you are making airline connections, it is suggested that you plan your flight to arrive no later than 3:00 so that you will arrive in daylight and in time to check in for dinner. The course begins on Thursday, April 28th and ends on May 2nd in the evening.

In Houston, Texas

The Jikiden Reiki 5 day course being held in Houston, TX on May 19-23, 2011 at Mari Hall's house in West Houston.

There will also be a Japanese Reiki Techniques course starting May 24th in the evening to May 26th

The Japanese Reiki Techniques course is 350.00, you will receive a 50.00 discount if you are taking this course after the Jikiden course.

You will pay Mari Hall for your course fees plus $ 50.00 for your lunches for the Jikiden Reiki Course and 20.00 for the Japanese Reiki Techniques course. To Pay your course fee using your credit card through Pay Pal use this link: Please add the lunch money to the amount for the course.

Please make your own arrangements for a hotel, breakfast and dinner. There are many hotels along IH 10, Highway 6 and IH 290. Follow this link: Hotels close to Mari's House and the link to her house


Waking up to the Wonder of Life with Reiki

"Authentic spirituality awakens the soul, reconnects us with the sacred, and fills us with the passion of life. Spiritual development is not about religious rituals and practices; it is about waking up to the wonder of life." -- David N. Elkins

How often do we find ourselves being connected to the wonder of life as it unfolds in each moment in every flower, bird and breeze? Like most people who live on planet earth we are too busy “doing” our lives to have the time to connect to anything but the endless to do list we have in our minds or have written on a piece of paper. It seems as if life by its very nature is speeding up and we are hard pressed to keep up with it all. Taking time to do Reiki on ourselves and others certainly gives us this feeling of connection. But life is busy and we tend to get caught up in it and forget about ourselves; days pass by, even weeks and we loose that connection without even realizing it.

I sometimes found myself sitting at the hairdresser or standing in line at the grocery store hearing conversations about the endless places parents must take their children to and how they jockey time to run children to different schools, after school activities and sports. I often wonder when any Mother, Father and child could have the time to just BE. To have that infinite space to breathe, connect and then go forward…or stop to really smell the roses.

Cell phones make it easier for us to “catch” each other, but honestly do we want to be “Caught” and available no matter where we are and what we may be doing 24/7? Don’t we need to slow down and take time out to recharge our batteries, to even think about what it is we want or need, rather than getting caught up in the endless maze of what we call living.

There is a deep need inside each of us to feel fresh, alive; full of joy and wonder. In order to touch into that essence we also need to slow down enough to connect to it, rather than push so hard that we seem to push this peace and joy away. When was the last time you laid on your back and looked at the clouds in the sky and said what shapes the clouds were taking? Or when was the last time you just watched a butterfly as it flew through the garden touching flowers, drinking the dew from within and flying on? Better yet, when was the last time you simply put your hands on yourself to do Reiki for more than a few minutes? Our intention may be there, but we have a tendency to cut us short…after all there is so much to do…and besides we can take longer or even do “it” tomorrow. For many of us tomorrow just keeps being put off and for very good reasons.

What I realized in my own style of living was that I had not thought to “book” an appointment to do Reiki on myself, much less spend time with just me. I remember my own Reiki Teacher telling me how important it is to give myself a Reiki treatment each day…in fact I have said that to all my students over the years, yet I was not practicing what I preached on a regular basis. My schedule continued to fill up, I had meetings after meetings with folks squeezed in between breakfast and a coffee meeting at 10am. Once I got that I was just as important as all the people I was trying to spend time with. I started making Reiki appointments with myself; I would take an hour here, an hour there always starting with Reiki that soon lead to needing more quality time and ore Reiki time with me. At first it was harder to slow down and enjoy the time I had carved out because I was a human “Doing” and being still was a waste of time…or was it?

The first appointments with me consisted of doing Reiki on myself and then taking walks while looking at nature, I often sat and did nothing else but look and become still giving myself Reiki. It was so refreshing to give myself permission to do this. The end result was that I came away from each encounter with myself refreshed and connected…and I wanted more because I realized the more still and connected I was the better I was not only for myself but others as well. Life worked with me rather than we working against life. Reiki enabled me to come into a better relationship with me and the world around me. Parts of my being that I had been to busy to pay attention to now started to feel open and energetic. I was connected and felt ALIVE. I had reconnected with Reiki on a personal note and myself.

"Sometimes people get the mistaken notion that spirituality is a separate department of life, the penthouse of existence. But rightly understood it is a vital awareness that pervades all realms of our being... Wherever we may come alive, that is the area in which we are spiritual." -- David Steindl-Rast

I realize that it may be hard to just get off the roller coaster called life and sit down for a while with out being busy. It’s a challenge to start putting yourself first even for small blocks of time to do Reiki and also have more quality time as well.

I can give you some pointers, a place or two to start. First open your agenda/schedule, or open it online in your PDA, Phone or what ever program it is stored in. If you are any thing like me I had so many appointments I found myself out even most evenings. So take on evening “this week” and write…time just with my best friend to do Reiki and hang out. And give yourself at east an hour. Then look ahead 2 to 3 days, maybe to a Saturday or Sunday and write in a 2 hour slot time just with my best friend to do Reiki and hang out.

Understand that these two appointments can not be broken or changed. It is a commitment you are making to you, your best friend. This is a time to just be with you, not sleeping in, filling up the hour or two with TV, sports, any activity; it is time to be quiet with you doing Reiki and what ever else you wish to do… Oh I can hear your mind…but, what will I do? You will do nothing at first but sit and be with yourself giving yourself Reiki. In the next section I am giving you some conscious raising activities that can help you.

At first it may seem silly or hard to just slow down but hopefully you will discover like I did that in that time with my best friend, me I realized …”hey this feels good” and I want more Reiki and time for ME.

Obviously once you have started this you will continue to book Reiki and hang out time with yourself on a weekly basis. You may find later that this becomes time to touch in to you, you may wish to journal, meditate, and be still and one with nature. Out of your experiences you will find all sorts of places to experience the deep well spring of Oneness and joy with your Best Friend.

Two Consciousness Raising Exercises
1.) Take a walk only your approach to walking will be different. With each in breathe take a step, with every out breath take another step. Breathe in a slow and deliberate manner. You may feel at first as if it is impossible to move so slow and deliberately. This is only your mind/ego not wanting you to get connected; it may even be saying “This is impossible. I have other more important things to do!’ It is Ok, deliberate walking is a moving meditation and it may take a few minutes to truly slow down and get quiet. Use your breath to guide you.

As you walk slowly begin to look around you and see what you connect to. Take in what you see as slowly and deliberately as your steps. Feel your whole body begin connecting to what you see. Allow yourself to look at things close up and then shift your gaze to things far away always coming back to the awareness of your breath.

Look to each side of you both close and far away breathing in what you see. Now look down as you slowly walk. Be aware that each step makes an imprint on the earth. Now stop and notice how you are feeling. How expanded are you? If you had any problems doing this exercise use your Reiki hands on the areas of your body that may not feel as connected as others. Honor what you have seen and what you are feeling now.

It is surprising how much we can see and take in once we have consciously slowed down. Repeat as often as you like. It is especially helpful when you have had a stressful day or have been feeling disconnected. After you have finished give yourself Reiki for at least 20 minutes. What is happening is that Reiki is helping you to integrate your experience. Taking “Home” your new level on consciousness and internal peace.

2.) To help us return to the Simplicity and wonder of Life let’s focus our attention on a flower. We know that each flower starts life as a seed. Within this seed is contained everything the flower ever needs in order to grow to full bloom, to reach its full potential.

As the flower buds, and grows, putting out one tentative leaf after another and then the first bud, the flower knows that the only purpose of its existence is to bloom and to be the best and most beautiful it can be, just for itself. This celebration of its very being is the flowers joy and the expression of its God Self as Love.

The flower is nourished by the earth, finally reaching maturity. The flower isn’t afraid to share its beauty with the entire world because it knows that this is what it came into existence to do. The flower sounds its own personal musical note joyfully without fear to everything and everyone. In this way, whole gardens sing together, each existence holding their own musical note within the harmony of life and those who pass by to admire also add to this beautiful and harmonious song.

Then, having fully lived its cycle of life, singing its song to the fullest it slows down its reproduction of itself, and starts to degenerate. As life starts up, it must also wind down; this is a natural cycle and a part of Divine Right Order. Often we call this process nature.

Before the flower dies it throws out a seed as its last expression of life. However life continues as each new seed sprouts. Each generation might be slightly different, though, because Life is really a spiral, not a circle. We never return to the same place from which we started. We cannot, because of the experiences or expressions of life cause us to grow in some new way, always, and forever.

Knowing all this about life of this flower Look at the flower and take in the essence of the flower; be at one with it. Take in every detail of the flower and then the surroundings of where it is growing. Finally sit quietly and see how the flower can and does represent all of life, even you.

You might ask yourself…If this is Life, then, and each flower, leaf, tree, animal etc is living life in their own ways, what happened to me in terms of my humanity? What has caused me to be in such dis-chord with myself, with life, with the earth, the universe too? What has caused this within in me?

The answers to this relate to a separation of Self from Spirit, or a denial of that which has always been found within us all; our inherent wisdom, our guidance, our intuition.
Once you have finished sit quietly and give yourself a Reiki treatment…By taking this time you help to deeply integrate your experience. By allowing yourself to slow down and take in nature…a flower, all the magic in the garden or in the forest or perhaps even on the street you live helps to reconnect to all that is and will be, and most of all…our wonderful self. This is the truest essence of...a Human Being. Reiki goes with this process naturally like our breath, deep, true, supporting and loving.

Blessings and Love,