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One story I think you will enjoy is An angel lives in Rugby

An Angel lives in Rugby

I am a mother and grandmother who had based in the Czech Republic for over 13 years. I travelled all over the world to earn my living as a facilitator of personal development and healing.

I am considered independent and have really never thought of asking for help; my work after all is helping others. However life gave me an opportunity to experience how I had stopped the natural balance of giving and receiving in my life. This was supported with the help of many people and especially an angel who lives in Rugby, England before Christmas in 2003.

In October 2003 I came to the UK for a short visit to help friends get organized in order to put their house on the market. I rolled up my sleeves and began to help them sort through years of collected papers and stuff. It was fun yet hard work and I felt I was making a difference in getting their home in order before the sale. The mountain of tasks to complete finally had become a molehill.

However on the morning of the third day of my visit I suffered a heart attack and was rushed in to A&E in Milton Keynes. I spent a month in hospital after finally been transferred to The John Radcliff Hospital for more tests.

Each and every person I came in contact during my stay in hospital was loving, compassionate and supported me in every way imaginable. My laundry was done, other people’s visitors came to see me as well, and magazines were left for me to read.

There were so many small and yet very meaningful things happened to make me feel at home and not on my own. A hospital can be the loneliest place in the world with no friends and family close by.

When I was dismissed at the end of November from the hospital more friends from Warwickshire asked me to stay with them for two months in order to stay to take the after care classes at a near by Hospital. This meant I would spend the holiday with them as well. My daughter in the USA took over the running of my business. My father helped me financially. I was overwhelmed with kindness. I was not working and all I needed to do was concentrate on getting well.

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Have a Blessed Holiday Season,

Love, Mari

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