Reiki Helps a Couple's Dreams Come True

My office was in the regional hospital in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. It was a supportive place to work because I could consult the doctors, and quite often we worked together in regards to clients of mine and patients of theirs. The head of Gynecology sent a young woman to me for a consultation to see if Reiki could assist her in conceiving a child. Both she and her husband had been checked in the hospital's fertility clinic, which found some problems with conception. I asked both the woman and her husband to come for an evaluation and initial treatment.

The couple, Jana and Honza, had been married for eleven years. Unsuccessful in conceiving, they asked me to use Reiki with them. I had been sent the clinic's records and also took a standard case history from both of them. I asked about eating habits and stress factors and how they were emotionally regarding this problem.

Jana was 33 years old, a technician in a refrigeration company. She worked from 7am to 4pm, then cared for her grandmother until her mother got home from her job. She was often upset and believed she was a failure because she couldn't conceive a child. She had depression and lost weight. She found it hard to sleep at night. The doctors told her only one ovary was functioning. She was quite stressed, both in her personal life and at work. Her eating habits indicated a strong desire for sweets. She craved chocolate and also drank coffee with three spoons of sugar.

Honza was 37 years old, a translator for a petrochemical company. He worked from 7:30am to 5pm. He was quite busy and did not feel stressed at work but did at home. Because Jana was depressed and there was so much tension in the home, he often worked into the night, doing additional work at his computer. He was very fond of salty foods. The doctors said he had a low sperm count.

I decided to treat the couple individually with Reiki so that each had their own time and also said I would adjust their food a bit as we progressed with the treatments. We had noticed in treating fertility problems that many of the couples had a pH difference which seemed to make conception harder. I gave Jana some meditations to help her relax. I set up an appointment with the head of the fertility clinic to speak with Jana about their diagnosis, especially emphasizing that the problem concerns them both. She had taken it as her problem only. It was important for her to realize it was not just her problem. The talk did help her to relax more.

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