Seeds of Wisdom Blossom in Spring

Jikiden Reiki Joined us Together

I just returned from the Jikiden Shoden and Okuden class at Silver Bay, in upstate New York. Having organized the class for Arjava I looked forward to being "In Reiki " for 5 glorious days in such an ideal setting at Lake George. There were Reiki people I knew and those I didn't know taking the course and in that space of five days we became a loving creative family. Yes, we all had Reiki as a basis when we arrived there however Jikiden Reiki united us in a profound way that went deep into our whole being.

I took the course in Bogata, Columbia last April 2010 and came away with a deep sense of gratitude experiencing Reiki as it had taught by Usui and Hayashi with no Westernization in the teaching. I was literally "blown away" by my time in the class and with the people in Bogata. This time was no different, except that I was hearing English spoken in New York. In Bogata, Tadao Yamaguchi's Japanese language was translated into Spanish and then into English and Arjava was speaking English and Japanese.

I liken both Jikiden course experiences to a Christmas morning with all eyes all lit up at the wonder of it all. I loved seeing how each participant would light up from the inside, their radiance softening edges, melting separation as hearts and mind opened to new and exciting possibilities.

I taught Reiki and traveled for years being translated in several languages and have such an understanding of the need to have people speaking for/with you that are also deep in their own Reiki Journey. I appreciated every effort for us to understand what was being said. Yet I sat in this New York class I had times when I thought I had not learned that bit before, that I was getting "more" this time. But what I know is that every time you retake the class new things are revealed to you and on different levels. I am now looking forward to Houston in two weeks time to retake the course again.

When I left Houston on April 27th it was 90 degrees. Our flowers and trees in full bloom, my favorite time of the year because it is not 'Hot" yet and evenings afford us the possibility to sit outside where we can take in all the sounds of nature. Arriving first in Albany with the temperature of 67 and driving up Highway 87 we saw snow still on the ski runs on the mountains, very little had bloomed, it was the tail end of winter.

Over the next five days we were a witness to the flowers just starting to bloom and trees that had buds and promise of leaves. As Spring blossomed so did we.

Love, Mari

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