A Message from Mari and Five Elements of Reiki

Hello my Friends,

I am leaving for the Netherlands on Monday the 4th of April and will be gone till the 15th of May. I am taking a spiritual sabbatical with my Dutch family the van Stavern’s for six weeks. During this time I will be meditating and writing and will not on line. My daughter Stacey will check my mail from time to time. Contact her directly should you need to talk with me, her e mail address is Staceystricklin@hotmail.com I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Many of you have asked what my plans are for this year. Although my schedule is much lighter than last year I have plans to be in the following places:

May- The Annual South Central Reiki Retreat in Bairdstown, Kentucky, Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30th. For more information go to: http://www.reikiclasses.com/kyretreat2005.htm

June- I will be in Stella Niagara, New York on the 11th for a Reiki Wisdom day and on the 18 and 18th I will be teaching a ONE course in Stella Niagara. For more information and to register contact Trish at pnaffky@hotmail.com

I will also be in San Antonio, Texas at the Dancing Moon Healing Center to teach ONE on the 26th. Please contact them directly at +1 (210) 289-9722 or
Email: dancingmoon1@sbcglobal.net
Website: http://www.Dancing-Moon.com

July- I will be at the Greater Washington DC Reiki Conference in Rockville, Maryland. The conference is on Saturday the 30th of July and I will be teaching a ONE course on Sunday the 31st. There is a possibility that I will also be giving a talk and demonstration of the Integration technique on the 1st of August. Please contact David at http://www.reikicenter.info/pages/662453/index.htm or by e mail at DGleekel@aol.com

August- I will be in Cypress, Texas

September- mid October- I will be teaching in Tuggernong, Australia the following courses:

September 17th- Reiki Wisdom Day
September 18th- Reiki Two
September 24-25th – ONE
October 1-2- Majesty of Mastery
October 3- ONE Plus

For more information and to register contact Anton Pemmer RM at reiki@primalbalance.com.au

Mid October through Mid December are open should any of you wish to organise a course or a Reiki Wisdom day contact me for details.

2006- I am scheduled to be back in Thessalonica, Greece in February 2006 and will be teaching some spiritual classes with Demetrius at his center in addition to Reiki and ONE. For more information contact Tassos at spyridistassos@hotmail.com

I wish you a beautiful spring filled with promise and peace. You are a blessing in my life and continue to touch my heart in many wondrous ways. For this I am grateful. Enjoy the article. I will catch up with you in May.

The article follows and is an excerpt from their newest book, The Japanese Art of Reiki

Love, Mari

Five Elements of Reiki
Bronwen and Frans Stiene

Throughout the system of Reiki’s global trotting and time traveling, just five elements have remained consistent. Many other aspects have been removed, altered or created over the last 100 years. Culturally, the system has adapted itself to various traditions where it has been modified to suit the moral and spiritual values unique to each tradition. Individually, it has also been molded to the tastes and skills of practitioners - and yet these five basic elements have remained. Often in the past, this survival has been reliant on unusual guises that reflect, once again, a cultural or individual influence. Therefore it is easy to understand why for many practitioners today it is a challenge to see the system’s five elements clearly.

It has already been described how the basis of the system was created by a Japanese man, Usui Mikao, in the early 1900s from his own unique experiences. Usui’s blending of esoteric Buddhism called Mikkyô, ancient Shugendô practices, classical samurai teachings, and martial arts know-how produced distinctive teachings. By utilizing traditional approaches in his own inimitable way his intention was to bring about an unmasking, a revelation of what it meant to be human.

Consequently, it is not the energy itself that makes this system unique but the path that is walked. This path developed into one consisting of five elements:
gokai (daily precepts)
kokyû hô (breathing techniques)
tenohira (palm-healing)
shirushi and jumon (symbols and mantras)
and the receiving of reiju from a teacher (a blessing from which the Western attunement evolved)

A practitioner practices the majority of these elements alone – gokai, kokyû hô, and shirushi and jumon. Tenohira, too, is practiced on oneself with the possibility of using it on others. These elements all become part of a personal daily routine coupled with the regular receiving of reiju from a teacher where possible. When brought together each of the elements exerts a separate influence on the practitioner producing a complete system that affects powerful change.

Using each of these five elements individually is a strong practice yet when you combine them they produce a complete spiritual teaching that is accessible to everyone. Each element supports the other, filling in the gaps that will exist for different practitioners. No two people have the same needs when learning. For this reason working with all five elements gives each practitioner a greater chance of success. Together these elements create a whole that is firm yet flexible, supporting practitioners on their individual spiritual paths.

If practitioners tread in the footsteps of Usui (metaphorically) with steadfast self-practice they will be assured of discovering deeper, more consistent and lasting results from the system of Reiki.

You may contact Bronwen and Frans at info@reiki.net.au. Please visit their web pages http://www.reiki.net.au/ I understand that their site will be changing it’s look in mid April to May please bookmark the site and return to see the newest changes that have been designed by two very dedicated Reiki Teachers.

To purchase the book : The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing by Bronwen Stiene, Frans Stiene follow this link to Amazon.com


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  4. **There is never enough information about Reiki attunement, criticism is good too!*I will visit again.*Visit my reiki blog at **Rising Energy, Reiki Healing Newsletter***Rising Energy Reiki Healing Art**.

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