There is MUCH we can do to alleviate suffering

I recevied this letter from a dear friend and Reiki Master friend of mine janeAnne Narrin. Many of you will remember that we worked together in the Usui 21 day virtual retreat for many years. She has given her permission to share it with you.

Hello Dearhearts,

I have been asked to write to my students and friends during these difficult days where equilibrium is being challenged....and when change with compassion is so needed....and when we can feel powerless.

During these times, there is MUCH we can do to alleviate suffering...if only from a distance. Those who wrote asked about the effectiveness of your distant healing practice ..One group of practitioners wrote...."How well are we doing at opening a space for healing for those who are in pain in so many places around the world?"...

I know that "effectiveness" is not a problem with REIKI(energy)....especially if you are distancing REIKI without ego...

I remember reading this...."...[There is] a profoundly different reality from that which we encounter in our everyday western world. To enter into this domain is to question what we mean by space and time, by the distinctions between living and the non living, by the individual and society, by dreams

and visions, by perception and reality, by causality and synchronicity, by time and eternity"

~F. David Peat

What F. David Peat writes resonates with me...especially in terms of Reiki (practice) ...and even more so in terms of distant healing within the advanced practice. But distancing REIKI (energy ) asks you first to deepen your personal awareness of and connection with the "space" where both the flowers of happiness and the thorns of suffering fall.

To accelerate awareness, the advanced practitioner has to make a commitment ...

dedicate herself or himself to daily Self-Reiki Practice....

In that very Self-Reiki practice, that practitioner might... in particular ...ask and intend

to enjoy a heightened sense of AWARENESS OF EQUILIBRIUM.



Possibly choose to begin your Self-Reiki practice with a few deep breaths—(in breath, through nose--out breath, through mouth)—Count to 10 while inhaling and exhaling— Place your hands, left hand on your heart, right hand atop it, thumbs alongside fingers—then simply BE here ....for at least 10 minutes. ...practice ....no expectations...only observing and without judgment...

Begin Self-Reiki....SET INTENTION: Possibly choose to feel your own vulnerability and release the resulting negative emotions before they harden into pain....and then set the intention to come into balance...equanimity....

Specifically, you might ask and intend to hold a place for balance while (simultaneously) letting go of what leads to suffering...and also release attachment to any particular outcome.

REQUEST: As you go deeper into your Self-Reiki practice, possibly ask to find joy in balanced energy....


Pretend you are a child on a teeter-totter--...

Remember the EXACT feeling of the point at which you came to balance (This IS a state of awareness or consciousness..it also is a feeling!)

Find that multidimensional space...and that feeling...

Connect with that awareness and the feeling. ...

Request that this amazing, attractive energy you are feeling be drawn as needed for the highest good of all concerned...(general) ...

If your request is more specific ...you need to go into the special process of visualization using the specific anchor points you learned...(do you remember how lovely that process is ?)..

You can bring yourself to equilibrium on all levels--

by celebrating the mystery of renewal

through the discipline of daily Self-Reiki practice. . .

I just got a note last night saying,...."How come we have to practice so much? "

Well!....practicing getting to equanimity lets you better put yourself in someone else’s experience of the world without either harsh judgment or attachment to the outcome ...(that is if or if not what You hope happens does or doesn't happen....an internal landscape where your ego is not in the way.)

I told that person that if he were concerned that his practice for sharing REIKI (energy) across space and time was effective....simply DO NOT WORRY....(You know who advised that! :-)). It IS effective. REIKI (energy) is perfect. ..your Reiki (practice) may not be perfect, but REIKI (energy) IS...Ask only that REIKI healing energy arrive when it is needed, and that it be for the highest good of all concerned, and then find the gift of equanimity that comes to YOU in that request that expects no-thing... when you are seizing the moment, cultivating it, and letting the fresh breeze inherent in That Moment grow, and radiate out like the cooling evening mists over the mountains, to be drawn by all living creatures in need...

This happens naturally through your own Self-Reiki Practice ...as REIKI (energy) works to alleviate suffering and bring happiness.

Just the BEing present in your Reiki practice brings you to a sense of balance even when you confront conflicting and tumultuous emotions.... when you feel aversion or any of the "negative" emotions that can come up – because REIKI (energy) helps you to be mindful of the flowing nature of reality as you STAY WITH the process.. .working to alleviate what is toxic or harmful....

When I am in my daily Reiki practice many times negative thoughts and emotions come up. That’s when I like to think of the small lake across the street from my house in Michigan. By December, it was safe for all the kids in the neighborhood to skate on —by February, we thought it might NEVER thaw, then one warm, May day ....always as if by magic ....there the lake would be...liquid and twinkling in the afternoon sun.

When patterns of negativity show up in my daily Self-Reiki practice, I immediately go to the lake metaphor... remind myself of the real quality of BEing—the flowing lake quality—and how even when I find myself hardening into icy judgment, (even wondering if my practice is of value to myself or anyone who may be suffering) Ican melt that hardness instantly with REIKI (energy) as the catalyst. And you know...as Takata said...“With REIKI, there is always hope”! (I'm smiling)

Our nature does not change. . .(frozen lake, melted lake—same water, right?)

So if we are like the lake (and we are) our “water spirit” is still there even when we are feeling negative emotions..Our wellness/goodness/ is inherent in WHO WE ARE.. .

and in understanding this,

we possess the secret


which is the essence of the distant healing practice .... ...... ......~

Te task at Hand: Simply to dissolve the ice (which can arrive when we divide by conceptualizing) that keeps us frozen...in order to flow like the summer lake ..... so just remember to be BOTH firm, and to melt . . .(I’m smiling).... Inner wisdom and inner strength arise from knowing and trusting in your True Nature ...from which all healing arrives.

Many Blessings During Difficult Times,

janeAnne, Reiki Master, the Usui System of Natural Healing..

in Practice for Terra



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