From this Beautiful Things will Blossom

Hello my Dear Friends, Students and Family,

Here we are at the end of April already and right on schedule we have been told to expect to have spring showers, that is ok because we need the rain for the blossoms and also to clean the air.

I remember as a little girl going outside when it was raining to dance in the rain and jump in the rain puddles. I adored everything about it especially the spontaneity of it all. And then there were a few times when it rained on one side of the street and not the other…I would run to where the rain began being amazed at what I was experiencing.

On a deeper leel we also need the rain of our emotions to clear the space inside us so that newness will come forth. Enjoy the rain on all fronts knowing that from it beautiful things will blossom from the sunshine of our souls.

I have received some heart touching articles that I have chosen to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.
-- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What does it mean to be a human being in the highest sense? What is the deepest nature of our being? I began to be possessed by a gripping curiosity and longing to understand what happens when an individual heeds the urgings of the soul rather than having the soul subject to the ego. It seems to me that tangible information regarding these things would profoundly impact all areas of our lives --- the workplace, our health, our families, and our communities.
I have discovered that we are not left without access to this knowledge----fulfillment of the promise of our soul's nature is possible. Indeed, it is what we are here for: to enter the realm of our great potentiality. The answers are found in the individual and collective journey into our being and in the Great Stillness that leads us there.

-- Sri Paramhamsa Yagananda

The languages that God speaks
Paulo Coelho

A Spanish missionary was visiting an island when he came across three Aztec priests. “How do you pray?” asked the priest. “We have only one prayer;” answered one of the Aztecs. “We say: “God, You are three, we are three. Have mercy on us.”“Beautiful prayer,” said the missionary. “But it is not exactly the prayer that God hears. I shall teach you a much better one.”The priest taught them a Catholic prayer and went on his way to spread the Gospel among others.

Years later, on the ship taking him back to Spain, he stopped at that island once more. From the deck he saw the three holy men on the beach – and waved farewell to them. At that moment the three began to walk on the water towards him. “Father! Father!” shouted one of them, approaching the ship. “Teach us again the prayer that God hears, because we can’t remember it!”“It doesn’t matter,” said the missionary, seeing the miracle. And he asked God to forgive him for not understanding before that He spoke all languages.

Below are some of those prayers:

Dhammapada (attributed to Buddha)
Instead of a thousand words,
Better just one,
One that brings peace.
Instead of a thousand verses,
Better just one,
One that shows beauty.
Instead of a thousand songs,
Better just one,
One that spreads joy.

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century
Out there, besides what is right and what is wrong, there is an enormous field.
That is where we will meet.

Prophet Mohammed, 7th century
Oh Allah! I come to you because you know all, even what is hidden.
If what I am doing is good for me and my religion, for my life now and later, then let the task be easy and blessed.
If what I am doing now is bad for me and my religion, for my life now and later, then keep me far from this task.

Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 7- 7-8
Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asks receives;
and he that seeks finds:
And to him that knocks,
it shall be opened.

Jewish prayer for peace
We shall go the mountain of the Lord, where we shall walk with Him. We shall change our swords into plows and our spears into baskets for harvesting fruit.
Let no nation raise its sword against another, and let us never learn the art of war.
And no-one should fear his neighbor, because thus spoke the Lord.

Lao Tsu, China – 6th century B.C.
For there to be peace in the world, the nations must live in peace.
For there to be peace among nations, cities must not rise up against one another.
For there to be peace in the cities, neighbors must get on well with one another.
For there to be peace among neighbors, harmony must reign in the home.
For there to be harmony at home, it must be found in your own heart.

The Upside of Irritation
Things That Annoy Us

There are many stories of spiritual masters embracing the presence of an annoying student in their community. There is even one story that documents a teacher paying an irritating person to live among his students. From an everyday perspective, this is difficult to comprehend. We generally work hard to avoid people and things that we find annoying so they don't bother us. From a deeper spiritual perspective, however, irritation can be an important teacher and indicator that we are making progress on our path. Being able to remain centered and awake even when we feel uncomfortable is much more impressive than doing so in an environment where everything is to our liking. No matter how good we are at controlling our circumstances, there will always be factors and people that we cannot control. How we respond to these experiences to a great degree determines the quality of our lives. The goal of spiritual development is not to learn to control our environment-which is more of an ego-driven desire. And while having some measure of control over our external reality is important, it is when we are confronted with a person or situation that irritates us and we can choose not to react that we know have made progress spiritually. It is when we have mastered our internal reality that we will have become the masters of our lives. The more we try to eliminate annoyances, instead of learning to handle them gracefully, the further we get from developing the qualities that come with spiritual growth, such as patience, tolerance, and acceptance. It is often in the presence of people and experiences we find annoying that we have an opportunity to develop these qualities. Fortunately for most of us, our lives offer an abundance of opportunities to practice and cultivate these traits.

Feeding Your Spirit
Taking Time for Yourself

Modern life compels us to rush. Because we feel pressured to make the most of our time each day, the activities that sustain us, rejuvenate us, and help us evolve are often the first to be sacrificed when we are in a hurry or faced with a new obligation. It is important we remember that there is more to life than achieving success, making money, and even caring for others. Your spiritual needs should occupy an important spot on your list of priorities. Each task you undertake and each relationship you nurture draws from the wellspring of your spiritual vitality. Taking the time to engage in spiritually fulfilling activities replenishes that well and readies you to face another day. Making time for the activities that contribute to your spiritual growth has little to do with being selfish and everything to do with your well-being. Regularly taking the time to focus on your soul's needs ensures that you are able to nurture yourself, spend time with your thoughts, experience tranquility, and expand your spiritual boundaries. It is easy to avoid using our free moments for spiritual enrichment. There is always something seemingly more pressing that needs to be done. Many people feel guilty when they use their free time to engage in pursuits where they are focusing on themselves because they feel as if they are neglecting their family or their work. To make time for yourself, it may be necessary to say no to people's requests or refuse to take on extra responsibilities. Scheduling fifteen or thirty minutes of time each day for your spiritual needs can make you feel tranquil, give you more energy and allows you to feel more in touch with the universe. Writing in a journal, meditating, studying the words of wise women and men, and engaging in other spiritual practices can help you make the most of this time. Making time to nurture your spirit may require that you sacrifice other, less vital activities. The more time you commit to soul-nurturing activities, the happier and more relaxed you will become. The time you devote to enriching your spirit will rejuvenate you and help you create a more restful life.

And Finally I am sharing a beautiful inspiring message with you that has been sent to me.

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I hold you forever in my heart...
Love, Light and Laughter,


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