Usui Retreat Week One- Relationship to Love

Welcome to the 10th Anniversay of the 21 day Virtual Usui Retreat.

As a Teacher/ practitioner of Reiki I have been asked how long should I be in the practice of Reiki before I teach. My reply is that your answer comes in time because it is a process of surrender so that when you are with your students you embody the message of Reiki. Somehow what you do touches their soul with love because you are that love and are Reiki. This morning I received this from Jim Spivey and am passing it along to you. It is another way to look at it.

Rickie Byars-Beckwith said it this way, "To have soul, you must somewhere be connected to divine presence. People who 'have soul' have a certain way of expressing themselves. What they're saying is real for them, and they have the facility, the ability to touch you with it. There's this sense that they're not trying to transmit anything to you, but transmission is taking place. They're in tune with themselves and their Creator. They have flowing rhythm in their message. They have an understanding of the way things really are, and what they're here to do about it. There is a strong heart commitment and a natural way of being, and in their way of being, there's something that is universally on point, whether they know it or not. Soulful people love with a big love, with 'THE' BIG LOVE!"

Relationship to Love

Note: For the meditations we will be doing for this 10th Anniversary Usui Retreat it may be handy to have someone read the meditation to you or that you prerecord the meditation before hand and play it to yourself, also to have a pen and journal or paper handy to write what came up for you after you have done the meditation.

Genuine relationships are God's greatest gift. Think about how many people you have been blessed to know and bring them to mind. There are so many wonderful people. Love is what matters most.

There are so many kinds of love, and most of us find we have failed to love in so many ways. Love and busyness don't mix too well. Think about the pace of life in America, do you wonder if anyone really remembered how or had time to love.

Can you think about how connected you think you are to so many people? Do you have a lot of networking contacts, but do those contacts amount to a real community of friends. Do you think other people are in similar situations?

Who do you know you love? Do your actions always show it? Do you really love others? Can you love others? Are you capable of love?I want to suggest that the answer is sometimes, if you choose. And yes.We tend to forget about many whom we ought to love. We are so busy building a network that we are forgetting to love and cherish the relationships we already have. As we work to add more and more people to our network, we undermine our ability to enjoy the people we already know.

So many people suffer from a desperate need to be interesting in the world. Celebrities want to be interesting and everyone else follows their lead, if only through the kind of attention they pay them. Everyone is trying to outdo everyone else so as not to fall behind in the race for visible success and a visible audience.Interest is the answer. But it's about being a person who is interested in others, rather than a person who is interesting.

The concept of love has been greatly misunderstood and abused by so many. We are not alone here. It's not about how busy we are, although that sounds like an excellent excuse. There are many busy people out there who love. It's about motive. Busyness is only a problem when love requires you to stop and pay attention to another and you can't, when you're too addicted to other things.

Think of all the workshops and training you have attended in your career: negotiating skills, customer service, team-building, handling tough clients, effective communications, executive development, motivating others, and more. It is strange that these workshops represented so many ideas and strategies for developing skills, but that not one instructor had ever mentioned the importance of being loving.

Perhaps the best workshops could be presented in no more than fifteen minutes. You may laugh as you imagine this scenario: 'Do you want to give incredible customer service? Love your customers. Do you want to retain your best employees? Love them. Do you want to build better relationships with tough people? Love them. Do you want to have more effective leadership teams? Love your teammates.'"

This concept has been taken from --- John G. Blumberg, in Silent Alarm

Meditation on Love and Loving
Using the Awareness of Your Breath

Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Have your journal and pen nearby so that it is easy to reach once you have finished. It is important that you do not fall asleep, but that you are relaxed. Have the intention in this meditative experience to come into a deeper and meaningful relationship with how you love and if your actions always show it or not.

Close your eyes and begin to take deep, slow breaths. Inhale for a count of seven, hold your breath for a count of three, and then exhale for a count of seven. Do not force air from your lungs; allow it to gently leave you. Each in breath brings you to a deeper state of relaxation, each time to exhale you are letting go of all cares, thoughts, and concerns. In this space of time allow your body and mind to fully relax, your energy to expand knowing that you are perfectly safe…supported…and peaceful. If you hear any noise, it will not disturb you. In fact, it will help you to intensify this experience.

Anytime you feel yourself slipping from this state of relaxation, just take a slow, deep, inhaling breath and as you release it, mentally repeat the word “relax” and you will move back into a deep, abiding state of perfect peace.

Whatever thoughts you might have, allow them to drift past you as your mind empties of its chatter and relaxes even more. Do not resist anything. Acknowledge it and release it, allowing it to float away as you move into a deeper, more peaceful state of being…Nothing outside of how you feel right this moment even exists. You are at the deepest, most relaxed state of body and mind that you have ever experienced. You are totally relaxed… your heart rate, blood pressure, and number of breaths have been reduced significantly, leaving your body in a very relaxed state of perfect health and harmony.

Your breath is your lifeline to your physical body and connection to Spirit. Begin to visualize your breath coming in the top of your head and then out of your heart. Do this several times until it feels natural. Then breathe in through the middle of your forehead, which is called your Third Eye, bringing your breath down through your heart and out of the palms of your hands until this pattern feels natural.

Now breathe through the bottoms of both feet, allowing this breath of life to course through every cell in your entire body and out the top of your head. Take note of how you feel. Notice what you are feeling and what thoughts and emotions are coming up for you as you continue to breathe in this pattern.

Shift your attention from your breath and allow yourself to fully experience that you are traveling on a path that is loving and comfortable… Allow yourself to be fully aware of all your senses as you continue your journey… What do you see? Feel the weather on your face as you are walking. Do you feel a slight breeze, the warmth of the sun; what are you feeling and smelling as you continue your journey? Take in all the information about your journey, what all your senses see, feel, touch, and taste.

Ahead you see a door. Notice where it is and what it looks like, what it is made of. As you walk towards the door, you may feel as if this door is familiar, as if you have been here before. You feel perfectly safe and relaxed. How large is the door? Describe the door in your mind’s eye…Is it open or closed? Touch it. What does the door feel like?

You know in all your being that the meaning the word you have chosen and how it applies in your life of will be clearer for you once you choose to see what is on the other side of the door. In order to do this, the door must be open and you must step through. Are you ready? Open to your highest and greatest good and step through….allow your mind’s eye to focus as you look around. What do you see? Is there someone there for you? … Feel yourself in the presence of a Being of Light and Love. In your mind’s eye there is someone stepping forward to guide you through your time here. You are open to this experience. Remember in detail how he or she is dressed and anything else that might help you to recognize them in the future.

Your guide motions you to follow and takes you into a space in a clearing. Many other beings are there emanating a great sense of peace and love that you intimately remember. They have taken their place with you to assist you with quick and easy processing of your question about loving. You tell them that you are questioning about how you love and if your actions always show it; ask them for guidance.

They encircle you radiating loving energy to you and ask that you understand about loving and showing love in every aspect of your mind, body and spirit. You look at each aspect of your thoughts and experience thus far, accepting, loving, healing and integrating all of this “knowing” into you. You have some time in silence to experience this work (allow about two minutes to pass) When the process is complete, thank all who are there for the assistance they have given you.

Now take a deep, cleansing breath and exhale …you will find yourself back at the doorway. Your guide is no longer there; however, you know that you can come back here at any time. You remember everything. You are expanded, full of wisdom, and ready to return and write in your journal about your experience.

Take a deep breathe and allow yourself to feel where you are sitting or lying. Feel your connection to this space and how your body feels in the present. Keeping your eyes closed, stretch your body slowly, then move your toes, fingers, and stretch out your arms and legs. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. Immediately pick up your pen and begin to write in your journal while it is all fresh in your mind.

Honor yourself for your work….Loving others and yourself opens the door to so much possibility. See you here next week.

Love and Blessings,

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