Usui Retreat- Week Two, December 28, 2006

Welcome back to the 2nd week of the Usui Retreat.

A special note: The Life Training Program is now The More To Life Program

Since writing about The Life Training program last week I have been asked by several people just what it is. The name has been changed since I did the training in 1983 to the More to Life program. More To Life courses teach practical tools and skills that help you connect with your best self whenever you choose and grasp more of the creative possibilities in every life situation. I highly recommend this program to everyone…it certainly gave me the tools to have more to my life.

I am sharing a process that a gifted spiritual teacher named Ken Page and his wife teach. It is excellent and naturally follows on from our first week together.

This Holiday season, you are being given a GIFT. Each Holiday past holds a memory, good or sad. Some of you may even hold the memory of one holiday that was truly wonderful, often comparing each following holiday season. The holding on to that memory can bring about disappointment, resulting in the emotion of sadness. This holiday season, let go of ALL memories of holidays past by using the following simple 'Pattern Release Technique':

Old energy patterns can keep you out of the present moment. A good time to use this technique is while taking a bath, so plan for fifteen to thirty undisturbed minutes. Take off your jewelry, including your rings. Light a candle to represent a spiritual person you admire, such as Krishna, Sai Baba, Moses, Jesus, Mother Mary, or Buddha. Picture them with you. Feel the unconditional love this spiritual person reflects and recognize that place of love inside yourself.

Stare at the flame and release old feelings, thoughts, programs, issues, and fears. Allow them to flow through you. Say them either out loud or in silence. Your intention to clear yourself is most important.

Begin by releasing the things you are afraid of, such as losing your job, getting older, being poor, sick, or alone. Next release thoughts, feelings, and emotions you are holding, such as guilt, anger, hate, abandonment, separation, betrayal, grief, sorrow, or sadness. Release feelings of being helpless, hopeless, used, or trapped. Release feelings of pain and jealousy. Release all the feelings and projections of others that you have bought into. During the release, make an intention to keep the wisdom gained from these events and your feelings. Above all use your Reiki hands to respond to areas in your body that are cold, warm and/or dense (this is where reactive energy has been stored)

Once you've released all the charged negative and positive experiences from your past, shower or bathe with fresh water. Give thanks for the opportunity to let go and make more space in yourself. It may help to journal about your experience…once you are dried off and all bundled up after your bath that is.

Here is a wonderful site with a beautiful and meaningful song to hear. Follow this link;
http://www.ichooselove.org/ I choose Love!

I am looking forward to being with you next week. Have a wonderful entry into the New Year.

Love, Mari

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