The Third Week of the Usui 21 Day Online Retreat

The Third Week of the Usui 21 day Online Retreat

When Usui Sensei was asked about the purpose and the outcome of his work, he answered that it was: “Shoufuku no hihoo, manbyo no reiyaku”. This phrase means “The secret art of inviting happiness, the spiritual medicine for all illness.”

When I am asked what Reiki is, I answer the same way instead of getting lost in an esoteric discussion. What a blessing Usui Sensei has showered upon the Earth with this simplicity!

Exercises for the Third Week

This week, please look at all the ways that Reiki has brought you happiness, and the ways that it has healed and is healing your discomforts. Return in your mind to the time when you began with Reiki, and look at the changes that have happened in your life since then. I guess that your whole life may have changed completely.

Sometimes we tend to forget the blessings that have been showered upon us. We take it for granted and forget our gratitude. Be grateful today and bow down to Reiki- and to Usui Sensei. Find a quiet moment every day of this week and sit on the floor if you can. Sitting in a chair should not stop you…You can sit either cross-legged or on your knees in the Seiza position (on your knees with your legs crossed under your butt).

Make sure you are not disturbed for a few minutes and very slowly and gently bow down to the floor, touching the floor with your forehead. In this moment, let go of everything: let go of your thoughts, your emotions, your body and become pure gratitude- without any attribute. Surrender everything you think as “yours” and be reborn in this

With love and gratitude, your friend, Frank Arjava Petter

Frank Arjava Petter is the author of seven internationally best selling books on Reiki. He teaches world wide and can be reached by email at Arjava@Reikidharma.com. You will find his teaching schedule and other info at www.Reikidharma.com

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