Thank You for Participating in the 21 Day Usui Virtual Reiki Retreat

First Reiki Practitioner, Mikao UsuiWe are honored and delighted that you choose to be with us these 21 days as we commemorated the 144th birthday of Mikao Usui, the founder of our practice, the very first Reiki practitioner.

Usui was a brave and compassionate man whose spiritual longing and effort literally gave birth to this practice, he lives on today in our own practice, even though the form of our practice may be quite different than how Usui himself practiced and taught.

We are a diverse group of Reiki practitioners from around the world. We come from different lineages, different practice styles, different countries, cultures and lifestyles.

Our intention for the retreat was to deepen our relationship with Reiki, and to strengthen our sense of being connected to a global community. We hoped that you reached out and invited others to join us.

This year was a very special opportunity for all of us. Pamela Miles, our facilitator offered us enough structure so that this was a meaningful adventure into practice for all of us. We also counted on each of you to participate in the retreat in the way that worked best for you.

You know yourself and you know what your life is like. We hope that you found the balance of commitment and comfort that fits your lifestyle. And that you looked at what invited you to practice, and didn't feel burdensome. We hope that you didn't make it big, but choose to make it steady, and that you practiced every day. It was our intention that you found an amount of daily practice that you could comfortably commit to, and a time when you could place your hands and be with your self-treatment every day. We know that when we want to create change, steadiness and consistency matters.

It was suggested that you kept a paper and pen near where you practiced, so that you could jot down your observations and contemplations after each session, and even between sessions, as an insight blossoms in your awareness.How did that go for those of you who did that?

Pamela said she has a surprise for you after the end of the retreat..to be revealed later. It sounds like the Retreat continues.

Follow this link: Usui Virtual Retreat look down towards the bottom of the page and you will see the link to the ending message from Pamela.

We will be leaving the three weekly meditations up on her web pages for three weeks at least.

Kimberly Fleisher who started the Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia 10 years ago joined us as the last week's guest blogger on Pamela's Retreat site- I loved this particular sniplet she wrote.

"I feel that we all need reminders sometimes, as well as invitations, to renew and refresh our practice. The support provided by the retreat, and the reiki community, nurture my self practice. In turn my self practice helps me to serve the community."

Thank you Pamela for your integrity, heart and clear communication. Your passion for community support shines through in all that you do and are. It has been treasured time spending this Retreat with you. It is my deepest desire that you come and facilitate again.

I have enjoyed being creative during the Retreat. I made another for you today. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.

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From my Heart to Yours
Love and Blessings,

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