Dear Friend and Reiki Family,

I have been searching for a way to reconnect with my students in Europe. I also have been doing my own inner work in order to resurface from a much-needed rest and redefine how I will do the work I love to do in a way that both supports me and empowers my students and clients. Yes, I have discovered that this older gal can learn new tricks!

The biggest fear I have is that I will not pay attention to my own body and my own emotional needs to live my passion. One thing for sure I am not interested in single handedly saving the world...one more time. I have discovered the beauty of working towards this goal together.

The challenge has been to honor this fear while putting it to rest. I have learned that what I fear the most is what I seem to bring to me. It is time for new programming! My passion is here and now. I am most happy when I am teaching and working with people. I love seeing the light that comes alive in people's eyes when they remember their own beauty and light.

I am in a period of change. I am working with my body and mind and have excellent traveling partners in this phase of my life. I am excited at being almost 65 and seeing that I am still on the path with you, and that a whole new better world awaits us. I am so grateful you are there with me.

I have created a special smile box..."From Seeds of Desire"...for you...Just click the link to play, I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in joining me in Tuscany, write to me. If you know people who may be interested please forward this email to them. And if this is not something you are attracted to, then the delete button can be an excellent answer.

You remain in my heart! Thank you for continuing to bless my life. Let me know how you are, too.

Love and Blessings,

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