News from Mari

I am so thrilled to welcome you to Wisechoices and our new look.

It has been quite an experience to birth these pages, to get ready to start the Usui Retreat and also become more automated; all this and moving back to the USA at the same time. I keep saying to Shane the web designer "Oh my goodness, all this and new technology too!" He has assured me I will no longer dream about mailing lists as they self generate and I can get down to being creative.

Of course with automation also comes change. All the previous mailing lists that I managed by hand with hours of work will be put together and the news of changes to the pages and the Usui retreat will come in this format as a newsletter. Instead of the yearly newsletter it is my intention to have a monthly one that includes a guest Reiki person sharing with us. And the greatest thing is that I can write it from anywhere I can be online in the world...Yes, technology is wonderful and a load has been lifted from my shoulders through this.

My daughter Stacey will send mail and manage the retreat when necessary. She is the wonderful loving hands and heart behind me. Thanks for so many new and wonderful supporting factors in my life.

Enjoy exploring the Wisechoices site and don't forget to sign up to receive the newsletter and to participate in the Forum. Both are wisechoices!

Love and Blessings,


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