On the Road with Mari

Dear Friends of Wisechoices,

I am pleased that our new web pages have turned out so well, and filled with gratitude for the excellent and well thought out work of Shane and Christopher of Electric Fan Media. This change also has brought the opportunity to adjust to the new way things are listed. Many of you have been missing features of the pages such as the Whispers of Wisdom or the Virtual Card shop; they are both found under Resources and Links here is the URL: http://www.wisechoices.com/resources.asp I am choosing to take this learning curve as an adventure to see where the different treasures lay within the Wisechoices site; just like life we take the time to look for the gifts along the way.

Whispers of Wisdom is at: http://www.wisechoices.com/wisdom.asp

The Virtual Card Shop is at: http://www.wisechoices.com/cards/default.asp

I have started back to work at a slower pace, taking time to smell the roses along the way. The Reiki Retreat in Kentucky was a lovely success. It was so lovely being with like hearted people in a lovely setting. If you have not been to an event that Laurelle and Michael have sponsored you are missing something very special. Check out their web pages at http://www.reikiclasses.com .

My time in Montreal was terrific. The seeds of One have been watered well with love. I connected to a lovely spiritual community there and am thrilled with what they are doing. They are opening a center called OHM Foundation. For more information you may contact Lynn at: lynntony@videotron.ca Lynn and her husband Tony are in the board of the foundation.

Utah was inspiring. I had no idea of the natural beauty that is present everywhere no matter where you look. I enjoyed waking up to the site of the mountains all around me and the smell of meadow flowers. Although Salt Lake City is quite flat it is 5,000 feet above sea level. I will be returning there in October to teach and will take another trip up into those beautiful mountains. Connie Barnes is organizing One and Majesty of Mastery classes there. You can contact her at:cbreiki@hotmail.com

In this moment I am now sitting looking out to the Czech countryside where I have stopped for a few days to be checked by my Heart doctor while in route for Cyprus, Greece and onwards to Australia and New Zealand. He says my heart is healing nicely. What is constant in my life is the steady beating of my heart that is open to this vast world and all the people in it. I am working with therapists to come into a deeper understanding of myself and I am letting go of old energy that has not allowed me to love myself fully. Life is wonderful and gets better each and every day! I appreciate all of your continued love and energy to make this possible.

The monthly Wisechoices Newsletter will start soon. I am gathering articles from Reiki people as I travel. If you would like to write something for it contact me and I will get back to you as I have access to a computer.

Please enjoy the balance of the Usui retreat;it has been so inspiring to do these meditations that Vic has written.

Enjoy your summer and all that it brings you.

Love and Blessings,



  1. Mari, I just logged on to see your log for the first time. I have been receiving Reiki retreat for four years now. During this time period, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher! It has been an interesting road so far. Lots of growth, painful and joyful. It was nice to see a picture of you along with the blog. I would like to contribute to the newsletter with a poem I wrote two springs ago. Please contact me via my email address. Thanks... By the way, traveling has been my passion forever, so combining Reiki with traveling, Wow! what a combination.... Many Blessings and Peace for you and all you encounter... Holly L. Danyliw/treeoflife1963

  2. Holly,
    Thank you for your comment. I would be most happy to have a look at your poetry. Why not send it to me at MariHall@hotmail.com.

    Brightest Blessings and Love,

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