Continuing my Travels East

I have just spent the last month in very hot environments. After leaving the USA the end of June I had a brief stop over in the Czech Republic. I saw the doctor there who reported that my heart is healing well…what delightful news!

My next stop was Cyprus. It was my first visit, but certainly is not be the last. The Reiki Master/Teacher course was beautiful. Each day the classes were spaced out with dips in the swimming pool to cool off. We sat under Bougainville in the shade of the patio off my room looking out to the valley, rich with color and the smell of wild thyme and oregano. What an idyllic school room! The evenings were spent talking at the local taverna over dinner as we looked over the hills of the village. The attunement to Masters Level took place at the Aphrodite Temple near Pefkos on the other side of the island. In the evening we attended the Ballet and saw Medina performed by the Russian State Ballet corp. This was held at the Old Coliseum in Pefkos near the sea where the ancient Greeks took in culture. We all felt so blessed to have had this experience.

The next week I was fortunate to meet a lovely group of Reiki people from the area when I facilitated a Wisdom day for them. I taught them several techniques that I use with Reiki and the end of the day was spent in the swimming pool doing water Reiki. It was such a blessing to be with them and also to touch into their enthusiasm for Reiki. The last days were spent in the mountains of Cyprus. I was given a tour of old monasteries that were so richly painted and full of special meaning. I learned about the culture and also came to an understanding of what had taken place over the past 50 years. I was touched by the refugees that I met from both sides who had been forced to move from their homes and resettle in another part if the country. My heart took in their anguish of not being home where their families had lived for centuries and their desire for peace.

Then I flew on to Greece; to teach Reiki One and Two at the Skyros Holistic Holiday center in the village of Atsitsa on the island of Skyros. It was my 13th year as a facilitator there; it was good to be back. Some people I knew from previous sessions had returned and new friends were made. A strong loving community is formed there as we take part in many courses on offer and also take time to reflect on our lives. The sea was just outside my door and I never grow tired of the sunsets and rising of the sun. The two week session just sped by so quickly and before I knew it I was on my way to Australia via a few days stop over in Bangkok, Thailand.

I had no idea what to expect in Bangkok. It is a busy crowded city that seems to never sleep. My hotel was beautiful and quite comfortable but each day as I looked from the window I saw where the poorer Thai people lived just next door; so many people in such a small place. They live in shanties made of wood and other materials they manage to pick up. They have small rooms where they live but also sleep and cook in. The contrast was so startling to me. Most of the photos I took were of the people there and how they live. All were smiling gracious people with so little materially yet so much inside their spirit and I wondered why I am being so affected by this at this time. I have seen the same in Mexico and Central America and in Tripoli, North Africa where I lived as a young girl, yet this was hitting at my heart in a new way. I know I am being directed in some way and have surrendered to the process of what the message will be and the part I play in this world we live in.

I am now in the Blue Mountains at Mt. Tomah about 1 ½ hours North West of Sydney visiting with Bronwen and Franz Stiene with the International House of Reiki. They are lovely people with such a clear vision for Reiki. They teach a more Japanese form of Reiki. It is so nice to be with people who are so dedicated and have integrity in their work. We are having wonderful conversations about our favorite subject...Reiki. It is much cooler than Cyprus and Greece so I am bundled up in sweaters and blankets while adjusting to the difference in temperature. It is winter “Down Under” The mornings are full of sun streaming through giant Eucalyptus trees and parrots of every color feeding at the bird feeder. A pond with a statue of Buddha is outside my bedroom door. Indeed, I am so blessed to be here with them.

In the next week I will be posting an article written by Bronwen about Eguchi who was a student and friend of Usui and started his own system of palm healing. He was also an early member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. She and her husband Franz have been doing extensive research into Reiki in Japan. They are writing another book that will be out in this next spring “The Japanese Art of Reiki, a practical guide to self healing.” Their first book that is a must to read is …”The Reiki Source Book”.

Until later I remain ever grateful for each heartbeat and the opportunity to experience the many cultures and people in our world. I am a most willing student of life.

Love, Mari

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