The Journey Continues

Hello Dear Friends,
I returned form New Zealand and have spent the last two weeks getting my body clock back on USA time. I had no idea how much the 36 hour flight from New Zealand to Houston would affect me. Next time I will definitely plan for more time to come back to “my normal” before I have to DO anything at all.

Suffice to say now that I am feeling fine it is time to pack and start out again. I am flying to Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow to teach the ONE program before going on to Europe through Norwalk, CT for a visit with my brother Scott and his family. I am looking forward to being with everyone again and being back in Europe. I will fly back to the USA in time to spend the Christmas Holidays with my daughter and her family here in Cypress, Texas. This has been an event filled year thus far. My heart continues to heal. Thank you for the energy and love you continue to send my way.

The winter “Down Under” where the mornings were full of sun streaming through giant Eucalyptus trees and parrots of every color fed at the bird feeder are still fresh in my memory. I had a lovely time in Melbourne after leaving the Blue Mountains. One of my Reiki Friends, Herta whom I met in Paris hosted me in her home South of Melbourne She made every attempt for me to see as much of the country as I could manage. She took me to points North, East, South and West of Melbourne, also to the outback where I had the opportunity to see Kangaroos, Kuala Bears, Emus and various exotic plants and animals all in their natural environment. I have to laugh we were both trying to keep up with each other while both thinking ‘My gracious does she ever sleep or rest?’ It was a real push to keep up with her and a joy to discover that we both were bone tired …but we saw and did so much.

I had no idea what to expect when I landed in New Zealand. It is outstandingly beautiful. The two hour ride from the airport in Dunedin to Invercargill was filled with one spectacular view after the other. Sunset was absolutely awe inspiring, the vast sky filled with gold, pink, blue and orange.

With a population of the entire country that equals the population of Houston, Texas, it was easy to see why so many people love it there. I stayed in the South Island in Invercargill and had the wonderful experience of being taken to some beautiful cities to the North West. The movie “Lord of the Rings” was filmed in New Zealand and I quickly realized I was visiting “Middle Earth.” Every morning I woke up to snow capped mountains all around me.

We stopped after coming through a mountain pass to look at the mountain range near Queensland. Christine said “ It’s incredible” I said “yes, and spectacular” she laughed and said “ No, it is the Incredible Mountain Range.” I can imagine that was the first thought of the people who saw these majestic mountains over 200 years ago for the first time; Incredible!

My experience being ”Down Under” filled me with such a sense of gratitude. The people are warm, welcoming and great fun to be with. I was definitely made to feel at home in every sense of the word. The best experienced by seeing the mountains filled with snow cascading to the ocean, Fields of green filled with meadow flowers just stating to bloom. I sat for extended periods of time just watching nature and all of it’s beauty. Being filled with joy watching the baby lambs whom had just made their debut playing chase in the fields. Life is Great!

Plans are in the works for a return visit and teaching in Australia and New Zealand next year in the Spring. I will be teaching a Path of Service (Reiki 3) in New Zealand in March 2005. Please check the schedule for next years dates. They will be posted as soon as things are finalized. I will also be coming to the Reiki Retreat in Kentucky the end of May, To Buffalo, New York in June to teach ONE and hold a Reiki Wisdom day and to the Reiki Retreat in Washington, DC the end of July.

As promised I will post an article by a Reiki person in the next few weeks. Until then enjoy your fall above the equator and your Spring below the equator. Remember we are one beautiful family of light. It is such a pleasure how you continue to grace my life.

Love, Mari

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