Promoting a Sense of Being in our Lives

Dear Friends of Wisechoices.

I have decided to give you two articles this month. One from Laurelle Shanti Gaia a Reiki Master/Teacher who is writing to other Reiki Teachers, however it applies to all people as it promotes a sense of being in our lives. The second article is written by V.N. Mittal who brings a different slant to our spiritual principles for Reiki. Both talk about qualities of living and an approach to life that more often than not promotes harmony and peace. I do hope you enjoy them.

Love, Mari

Teaching Only Love
Laurelle Shanti Gaia

As Reiki Master/teachers, we are called to empower others by helping them recognize their connection to the Divine in all creation. The connection that we all share is the Infinite Love of the Universe, which is the only true power.

As teachers we simply open a door for others to explore the power of Love through Reiki. We provide some basic tools and techniques for healing, self expression, and spiritual growth. We must remember that the Reiki energy itself is the only true Reiki Master, and that by setting egoist interference aside, we are each equally blessed with is infinite wisdom.

When people are drawn to our Reiki work, we remember that God has sent them to us, and the time we share is sacred. We have something to teach each of our clients and students, just as we have something to learn from them. True humility comes through knowing this and allowing ourselves to be open to such gifts of wisdom.

As we grow in the Reiki energy, we find it easier to move out of any unhealthy portion of our ego and allow the blessings of each of our life encounters to flow into our lives.

I feel that we best teach the spirit of Reiki by becoming the essence of the energy. When someone tests or hurts us, do we recognize that, based on their life experiences, they are doing the best that they can do in that moment? If someone demonstrates untrustworthy or judgmental behavior, do we become angry and turn away, or do we allow Reiki to flow through us to increase our capacity to love and accept them just as they are?

Most people come to Reiki because they are seeking true love and acceptance of self. We as Reiki Master Teachers, can help them recognize that beauty can be found even in their deepest shadows, when we demonstrate that we love and accept them just as they are. We also help the world become a more peaceful place by recognizing our own shadows, and loving those aspects of ourselves. In doing this we illumine even the darkest corridors of our beings. We then become more peaceful within, and a more radiant influence on the world.

When we become the Reiki energy in all that we do, then we truly do "Teach Only Love".
May your light shine so brightly that you always know the way.

And now the 2nd article

The Five Spiritual Doorways to Healing

The Lord Buddha discovered how to heal the spirit. In his Sutras he gave a very simple formula for mankind to use for healing by employing a spiritual approach. The essence of the Sutras is that two spiritual beings known as the Bodhisattva (Supreme healer) and Bodhisattva Medicine King are always available to assist those in need of healing. One simply needs to establish contact with them by practicing physical and spiritual purification, using meditation, and by reciting special mantras called dharani.

It was through a need to treat my own ailments by using a spiritual approach that led me to ponder about the word SPIRITUALITY itself. Interestingly I found hidden meanings in each of its letters. Each letter pointed to well trodden spiritual doorways.

S - Self-realization for seeking salvation ‘moksha’
P - Practicing happiness
I - Introspection
R -Relinquishing worry and anxiety
I - Intention to help others
T -Taming the mind to shed ego and anger
U -Unconditional love for all living beings
A -Attitude of gratitude
L -Living honestly
I - Ignoring other’s faults and pursuing forgiveness
T -Transcending all barriers of hate, jealousy and greed
Y -Yogic practice

The above Doorways are so interlinked and interwoven that journey through one leads to the other. I only choose five of them for my meditation and practice, initially, for their ease and their known healing power. They were represented by the letters T, R, A, L, U, (shown in italics) The Japanese’s Emperor and Poet of the Meiji period in the 19th century had suggested them and later Dr Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, adopted them as the five spiritual principles of Reiki- the art of tapping universal life force energy from the cosmos for ones healing.

Taming the mind to shed ego and anger inline with the first Reiki principle ‘Just for today, I’ll let go of anger’ opens up the first doorway. Anger is directly connected to weak points in our ego. We also tend to become angry when we/they/or situations fall short of our expectations. Our anger hurts us much more, than the other party. The emotion releases toxins in our system .It destroys our inner harmony thereby blocking us from loving unconditionally and in turn separating us from the universal consciousness;

The second doorway opens up by relinquishing worry and anxiety. It conforms to the second principle ‘Just for today, I’ll let go of worry,’ Worrying separates ourselves from the universal wholeness. The adage ‘Chinta Chita samaan hai’ signifies that ‘to worry is to be laid on the pyre’; Worrying also produces a rush of harmful toxins in our system, and blocks our emotions.

The third principle, ` Just for today I will live an attitude of gratitude for all the abundance in our lives’ opens the third doorway. It implies that we count not only our present blessings but also what we trust will be provided. Such an attitude keeps all the material; emotional and spiritual doors open to us.

The fourth doorway implores us to live honestly and corresponds to the fourth principle, ‘Just for today, I will live honestly’ When we are honest to ourselves, it creates harmony in our lives and aligns us to our higher self. Honest living leads to the practice of truthfulness, which according to Patanjali empowers our words to such an extent, that they become capable of fructification at will.

The essence of all life is love. Loving every living creature unconditionally, is emphasized in the fifth principle, ‘Just for today, I will love and be kind to every living creature ’It is to be accepting unconditionally not only others but also ourselves. We are the mirrors reflecting the divine light back to us.

It is my belief that the repetition of ‘today’ points to the importance of the present moment, which is the key to all spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Our journey using the five spiritual doorways connects mankind to the supreme healer and thus sources the being to come into complete harmony with oneself, resulting in healing and release from karmic bondage of illness.


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