Becoming the Peace Ray

Meditation for week Three of the Virtual Usui Retreat, July 5, 2005

Becoming the Peace Ray

Peace is all around us and within us. Peace is not something that we need to create because Peace already IS. By simply aligning our energy with the vibration of the Peace Ray we ARE peace.

We will begin as we did in last week’s meditation:

Please take a moment to relax and quiet your mind.

Breathe deeply, and slowly.

Imagine a sphere of shimmering, white, iridescent light floating above you.

Recognize that this sphere contains the full power of the Reiki energy.

Gently invite this energy into your crown chakra and allow it to descend down into the center of your head, behind your third eye. There is a connection of Divine healing energy here that creates your soul vision center.

Allow yourself to feel the brilliance of the Reiki energy growing in your soul vision center.

Feel a warm glow here as if the sun were shining from within you.

Now simply hold the intention for Reiki to flow out from your soul vision center in a beautiful ribbon of light, until it connects directly with the Peace Ray. (If you are a level II practitioner, please add the distant symbol here)

When you feel the energy connection, allow the essence of peace to flow back across that ribbon of light carrying the full vibration of peace into your soul vision center.

Allow the energy to flow into your entire physical body, and out into your etheric field. Allow perfect peace to permeate your entire being.

As this energy coalesces within your being, use your breath to increase the intensity of the light that is peace. Rest in this light.

When the process feels complete to you, gently disconnect from the ribbon of light and focus on integrating and grounding the experience of peace into your being.

Now focus on the Reiki energy and give thanks as it balances and aligns your chakras. Allow Reiki to adjust your chakras perfectly so that the flow of energy in your body is clear, smooth and peaceful. Be aware as your chakras are adjusted by placing your focus on your chakras one at a time beginning at the crown, and moving your awareness and intention down to your base chakra.

Laurelle Gaia


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