Usui Virtual Retreat June 2005 - Week Two

Using Reiki to Connect with the Heart and Mind of God

Meditating with Reiki energy is very simple. If you have found it difficult to meditate in the past, Reiki can help you experience new levels of relaxation and peace.

Remember that Reiki is Divinely Guided Life Force Energy. It is guided by the Wisdom and Love of God. The meditations offered here are very simple, there is very little for you to DO, because Reiki will do it for you. Just intend to follow the steps in the meditation, and let the energy carry you wherever you need to be.

Please take a moment to relax and quiet your mind.

Breathe deeply, and slowly.

Imagine a sphere of shimmering, white, iridescent light floating above you.

Recognize that this sphere contains the full power of the Reiki energy, the essence of Divine Love.

Gently invite this energy into your crown chakra and allow it to descend down into your heart center.

Become aware that as you are opening to the flow of the Reiki energy completely there is a column of light flowing through the central channel of your body from the Heart of God, through you directly into the Heart of Mother Earth. You are a pillar of light, and you are anchoring the highest and most sacred healing energies onto the planet now.

Sit in silence for several minutes with Reiki energy flowing through you and BE the pillar of Divine Love and Light. When this feels complete to you, bring your awareness to the crown of you head and bring the light down through your crown into your heart. Then bring the light from the heart of the Earth up into your heart. Allow these beautiful energies of creation and manifestation to blend within you.

Now focus on the Reiki energy and give thanks as it balances and aligns your chakras. Allow Reiki to adjust your chakras perfectly so that the flow of energy in your body is clear, smooth and peaceful. Be aware as your chakras are adjusted by placing your focus on your chakras one at a time beginning at the crown, and moving your awareness and intention down to your base chakra.

Laurelle Gaia

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