Final week of the Usui Retreat

May your journey always lead you to places unexpected; may you find wonder and awe at every turn. May your awareness be such that you see that the path you are on is one you have chosen and where new decisions must be made; your faith in your self and in the universe frees you to make the ones required.

May peace, happiness and blessing follow you all the days of your life and to wherever your path takes you and may you rediscover things lost and have new experiences of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Wishing that each day in the remainder of 2008 and beyond is better and better and better.

Happy Summer…Are you ready to begin?

Next, I want you to do something different and unique. I want you to release all the positive memories you are holding on to from your past. Are you holding on to the best Summer you remember? Or the best present you ever received? Could it be your first car or favorite home, your first great love or your proudest moment? Maybe it is happy, loving times with your family, best tasting food, beautiful sunsets, flowers…release it all.

How many of you are holding these positive past events and feelings and using them to judge every experience you create today? Are you comparing every kiss or embrace today to an experience you had in the past? Release every positive experience from your past that is keeping you from being in the present moment and experiencing things as if for the first time.

During the release, make an intention to keep the wisdom, joy, and love from these positive past events. All you're doing is releasing the energetic charges you are holding on to which are still causing you to have judgments and comparisons today.

Once you've released all the charged positive experiences from your past, shower or bathe with fresh water.

Positive experiences often have more of an energetic charge than your fears. Think about it. We do our best to heal the negative things from our past, but we do not realize we are also comparing positive experiences. Releasing all charged memories is a helpful technique to aid us in staying present in the moment.

By letting go of even the good memories and allowing us to be present in the moment of This Summer season, just for it, we will have a choice we may have never had before. We will have the choice of LOVE, the space where miracles can occur.

We are motivated to see our efforts through to their natural end when we can envision the brighter future these endeavors are calculated to bring about. It is easy to become discouraged when we are not quite sure how the outcome of our labors will affect our lives because the potential for negativity is omnipresent. Visualizing precisely what we hope to achieve empowers us to focus on primarily positive probabilities throughout the whole of the goal-realization process. When we feel disheartened by circumstances that interfere with our forward momentum, we need only call our image of success to mind to feel once again enthusiastic about the path we have chosen to follow. Because you are focusing on the fulfillment of your ambitions today, challenges in the present will have no power to adversely affect your mood.

To finish I want to encourage you to journal your experiences…. Mapping The Inner Journey using Journaling as Meditation

Of the countless forms of meditation we can use, journaling offers its own unique benefits. Most meditations help empty the mind of concerns and bring positive ideas from our mental landscape, but journaling helps us anchor that experience in the material world. Not every person is attracted to meditating in seated silence, and journal meditation is a nice alternative as an active meditation. It allows us to trace our journey and see where we have grown and what lessons we may be repeating. By employing a different part of the brain than creative or inspired thought, writing or typing a journal can create a greater sense of connection and union with our physical selves and the world around us.

In working through challenges, it can be helpful to first empty all worries from our heads onto the safe pages of our journal. Fears can be brought to light rather than allowing them to haunt the dark corners of our subconscious. We may even feel heaviness dissipate once our heads are free from clutter, leaving space for inspiration and the creation of positive images in their place. Often in the process of writing out all the details of an event that troubles us, something that had been forgotten will come to the surface, providing a missing piece of the puzzle. Then we can truly begin to come up with answers, and write them down beside the worries to map the way from concern to constructive thought.

For capturing guidance and flashes of inspiration, journaling is ideal. This is especially true in the case of dreams, which often fade as we awaken. While working toward goals, keeping track of progress as well as guidance from readings or divination tools can be encouraging. Though it can be difficult to keep all of our guidance in the front of our minds, if we write it down it can serve as a reminder whenever we need it. We can also use our journals to converse with our higher selves or even the universe. Journaling offers yet another way to unburden mind and spirit, while also creating a record of the present and preserving our hopes and dreams for the future.

From my heart to yours,
Blessings and Love,

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